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Our guiding principles are Kaitiakitanga and Mannakitanga; to care for, protect and manage this beautiful piece of New Zealand.

This means carefully meeting the needs of today while giving thought to the needs of tomorrow. We would be pleased if you assisted us in taking care of our piece of New Zealand, Great Lake Taupo.

What we are doing:
1. Our Commitment

We consider the following – energy efficiency, waste management, water conservation, conservation and community.

2. Energy & Water

In addition to building energy efficient facilities and buildings, we are installing devices that reduce the amount of electricity and water used within the Holiday Park. These include solar water heating, sensored lighting, energy saver light bulbs, twin flush toilet cisterns, & rated shower heads. Your help would be appreciated while staying by turning off lights & electrical appliances when not in use, re-use towels by drying them on our clothes lines, pull the cover back over the thermal pool when not in use and limit the amount of time in the shower.

3. Recycling

Recycling stations are located around the Holiday Park to encourage the responsible disposal of rubbish. Any unwanted magazines & books can be left in the TV lounge for others to enjoy.

4. Environment

We use eco friendly cleaning products where ever possible. We will endeavour to look after our environment. We do enjoy the Tui’s in our Kowhai trees.

5. Community

We support local community – Community minded groups get items left behind from guests as well as our surplus bedding and furniture items; cardboard goes to children’s projects. Support is also given to sporting clubs each year with events run locally.

We wish to embrace the principles of Kaitiatanga and Manaakitanga. It is our wish that our country touches the people that come to visit. Together we can make a difference!

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